A stylish bathroom !

Large or small, it needs to be practical. Furnished with passion, take out all the stops to make it happen. A corner vanity for small items, a bench that doubles as storage, a mirror that conceals a cabinet pharmacy, drawers everywhere and an integrated laundry baskets.

Everything to meet your needs. Our designers will do everything they can to create a style that everyone will be talking about!

Les choix de matériaux


Laminate cabinets are very different today than the white laminates we knew from years before. Laminates, are offered in an array of colors, which resemble different types of wood, and is very low maintenance. Which is why this is the option the most affordable and most popular. Because this material is so versatile the design options are endless.

Thermoplastic (PVC):

Thermoplastic cabinets, have the look of real wood , but not the price. They are composed of a membrane of PVC heat molded on a panel of MDF. The PVC finish on sturdy MDF makes this cabinet a resistant and low maintenance choice.

Wood :

Wood, with its noble and timeless characteristics, remains the best choice for those who plan to invest in their kitchen. Wood cabinets adapt to any kitchen style, from elegant rustic to pure and contemporary. Sculpted or smooth they finishes are limitless.